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2 Year Olds:  Enrichment
All classes are with parent/caregiver, unless noted.
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2018 - Spring
Classes for the Spring 2018 semester will begin the week of April 23, 2018 and continue for 10 weeks through June 30, 2018, unless noted. Please see Holiday Schedule for a full list of dates that classes will not be held. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. For more information regarding your order, please go to the Policies & Terms section of our website at
Circle, Sing & Play Together™
Ages: 6 months - 3 years, with parent/caregiver

Trying to juggle two kids? Come and wiggle giggle with us instead! We’ve combined elements of our signature Wee Wiggle Giggle and Run, Wiggle, Paint & Giggle programs into activities that are exciting for little ones and their big sibs to do together – and only one grown-up lap is required! Books, balls, blocks, tons of toys, music, and more!
(45 minutes)
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Monday: 4:30pm
Thursday: 12:30pm
Circle, Sing, Paint & Play™
Ages: 18-36 Mnths

So many ways to play! Kidville’s signature pre-nursery program engages eager toddlers through stories, ball play, manipulative toys, block exploration, art and sensory play, and the finale: wiggling with one of Kidville’s own rockin’ musicians! A predictable, structured routine lets little ones gain confidence about transitions and knowing what happens next, all while having fun and making friends.
(45 minutes)
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Thursday: 10:15am
KVA Prep
Ages: 18 Mths - 3 Years, with Parent/Caregiver

This introductory program offers grown ups and child a chance to bond while exploring all kinds of activities, including play centers, story time, blocks, art, music and gym! The KVA Prep program is designed to prepare children for a separated class by encouraging independence while they play in a social environment. Transitioning between classrooms and activities will allow little ones to gain confidence and familiarity with a structured routine, allowing children to seamlessly graduate to the KVA Jr. program. (90 minutes, 2 days per week)
(90 minutes)
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Tue, Thu: 9:15am
Mess Lab™
Ages: 2.6 - 3 years

Ages: 2.6 - 3 years

A creative mind is a problem-solving mind! Young investigators will explore how things work and what happens when art, science, and engineering meet at the intersection of messy and magical. Hands-on opportunities with paint and putty, magnifiers and magnets, blocks and builders, and everything in between help us learn about the world around us and all its
(45 minutes)
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Tuesday: 2:00pm
Wednesday: 9:15am